September 2016


UHTS collected works

A Memorable Summer
Jesus Chameleon

I keep the shiny ones
for tomorrow

During the summer of 1979 the high schools in the Mariana Islands selected representatives to send on the annual Rotary Club Exchange. The program was a week’s exchange with a small Japanese resort town in Nagano Prefecture. I was chosen from my school. The trip was during an particularly hot time in the otherwise temperate Japanese mountains.

even in fall
redheads in the zoo
stay for winter

Bright and early, the local Rotary Club took us, nine in all, by bus right into the crater of Mt. Asama. They wanted to show us that despite the heat there was snow on this dormant volcano. It was the first time I saw snow and I have never forgotten this moment.

cicadas strum–
once again I remember
a distant summer