September 2016


UHTS collected works

Hidden Gem     EC
Thomas James Martin

For a long time my brother-in-law, Jim, and I, were not close. Politically, I was mostly liberal and he, a strong conservative.

Then, a few years ago after we had shed our political skins and we suddenly became open to each other. Sure, shared interests but more than that, not quite affection but a quiet understanding. He shared his wonderful experiences of running.

spring marathon
his shadow catches up
as the clouds threaten

After I was placed in assisted care, he visited me several times a week, usually with a cappuccino in hand which he knew I loved. I learned respect and admiration for the real Jim. He had a hidden depth that was not easily expressed or perhaps understood.

stone bridge
water striders scurry
in the sunlit stream

I remember a geology class: "Scratch any stone to see its true identity".

dark river stone
laced with sunlight
dripping rainbow

I felt that he was turning into gold though I wonder if he knew...