September 2016


UHTS collected works

Charlotte Mandel

A day to walk in pleasant breeze. White clouds drifting in the blue sky alternately cover and allow the sun through. I leave the sidewalk, walk across grass to the cedar bench overlooking the pond. The woods beyond is a haze of early green leaves. Two fountain sprays create soothing waterfall sounds.

sunfish leaps
to catch a damselfly
brief whirlpool

A pair of Canada geese rests on the water, accepting my seated presence. One is larger than the other, I imagine they are husband and wife. I've been told these birds mate for life.

five years gone...
he still smiles
in the framed photo

The geese glide to the water's edge and leap onto the grass bank. One grazes, pulling a green blade at a time. The larger bird climbs up the slope, stretches its long neck and stands rigid, only eyes moving, on guard. A few minutes later, this one comes down to graze and the other climbs up to post watch. As I leave, they continue to take turns.