September 2016

UHTS collected works

Thank you again to all poets and artists who contributed to this September 2016 edition of cattails. We will not be individually listing contributors names due to the large volume of works we publish each time.

You will notice that cattails is a unique publication insofar as we do not use a standard page number style Contributor's reference.

Over many years in the publishing business, and by following the statistics of our individual page counters, we have determined that most readers go directly to the poets index, then read their own work. By doing so, they frequently by-pass the works of the other poets and artists.

We realize that this is human-nature, but, in cattails, we would like to encourage contributors to read everyone's work, not just their own. We believe this is how we expose ourselves to unfamiliar forms, while honing the skills that engage us, while at the same time making new acquaintances.